3km Fun Run

  • Why is there a 3k Fun Run this year
This is the sixth event for the Henham 10k Run and the third for the 3K Fun Run. 
Over the years we have had lots of comments from parents:


‘Why isn’t there an event for my son/daughter?’

‘10k is too far for children.  Can’t you have a shorter course?’

So in 2011 we decided to have an event aimed at the children.  That is not to say over 16’s are not allowed to choose to run this course. Indeed, as the younger children will need to be accompanied by an adult, then several adults will have to take part. However, there are no prizes for the adults in this section. Although you will still get your T shirt!

Our current course actually lends itself to having a shorter event as the first part forms a neat loop.  So the 3k runners will at one point head straight back to the start/finish line whilst the 10k  runners head out into a different part of the country to run the longer event.


  • At what age can my child run by themselves

Our rules are that No child under 8 should be allowed to run by themselves.  Apart from that, well, you know your child best, so we are leaving this up to you to decide. 

What you must realise though is that this is your decision and thus your responsibility.  We will have marshals on the course, first aiders on call, a back runner and would also hope that other runners would help if they saw a child in distress.  We will make every effort to help ensure your child has a good and safe time BUT we cannot guarantee that they will not get lost or hurt themselves and cannot accept any liability for such events.

By signing the consent form and deciding that they do not need to be accompanied by an adult you have made the decision that your child is capable of running by themselves.  If they are running by themselves, it is also a good idea to arrange with your child where you will meet them when you have both got back.

Sorry to spell this out but it is far better to be clear now that we will not act as carers for your children.


  • At what time will the 3k Fun Run start
   The 3k run will start very shortly after the 10k runners have started.  Although it is quite likely that the faster children will overtake the back runners on the 10k course, we want to let the main race get away cleanly.

    The 3k runners should therefore be ready at 10.30 but will group in a different part of the school grounds and be brought forward to the start line when the 10k run is underway.